Welcome to the European Weekend Streaming

How to see the Streaming?


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The Streaming is for the days 12, 13, 14 and 15 of August.

Yes, the Streaming it will be available after the show.

Just up, there is a videotutorial with all the steps to see the Streaming.

1º Buy Product
2º Log in your account
3º Go to Streaming Page

The first step is refresh the page.

Is still not working change the browser or check if is update to the last version.

If still without work send an message to Enrique at +34627603969

If one time staying in live the Streaming go down, dont’ worry you will acces at the moment by the platform or by email, check your inbox constantly.

Refreshing the page in few minutes it will be enough.

All the incidents it will be tramitate at the final of the competition.

You can send an email at info@streaming-european.com, or send Enrique by WhatsApp.

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